[AstroPy] Meteor Methods--Atmospheric Trajectories, PC Book on Astronmy

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal....
Tue Nov 24 15:21:52 CST 2009

Is anyone familiar with some of the mathematical methods for calculating 
atmospheric trajectories for two stations. Have they been implemented in 

There's a computer book with the title something like PC Computations 
for Astronomy. (Ah, Astronomy for the Personal Computer) I believe the 
latest version provides methods for C++, and earlier editions for older 
languages. In one of the later chapters the authors delve into what I 
think is called plate reduction. (Ah, the chapter is titled Astrometry.) 
The idea is that an image of the night sky is provided and a catalog is 
examined to identify stars on the image. Has anyone implemented the 
various algorithms used for this in Python?

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