[AstroPy] pyregion : python parser for ds9 region files

Jae-Joon Lee lee.j.joon@gmail....
Mon Oct 19 05:23:58 CDT 2009


pyregion is a python module to parse ds9 (and ciao) region files. The
parser is based on the pyparsing module.
My personal motivation with this module is to draw ds9 regions with
matplotlib, and to create mask images.

Homepage : http://leejjoon.github.com/pyregion/
  examples w/ matplotlib : http://leejjoon.github.com/pyregion/examples.html

GitHub repository : http://github.com/leejjoon/pyregion

The parser seems to be rather slow (likely due to my lack of parser
design skill), but I currently don't have any further plan to improve
its performance. So, any contribution will be welcomed.

For questions, comments, or feature requests, you may use the github
issue tracker or email me.




* ds9 and ciao region files.
* (physical, wcs) coordinate conversion to the image coordinate.
* convert regions to matplotlib patches.
* convert regions to spatial filters (i.e., generate mask images)


MIT License. See LICENSE.txt

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