[AstroPy] ATpy 0.9.2 Release

Astronomical Python astropython@gmail....
Wed Feb 10 10:02:38 CST 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of ATpy 0.9.2!

ATpy is a high-level Python package providing a generic Table class
that can contain data and meta-data, and includes column manipulation,
row selection, and sorting methods. In addition, read and write
methods are provided to to seamlessly read and write table data to a
number of formats (FITS, VO, and IPAC tables, and SQLite, MySQL, and
PostgreSQL databases), building on existing Python modules. More
information and links to download the latest version of ATpy can be
found at http://atpy.sourceforge.net/

The main changes in this version include:
- data are now stored in NumPy structured arrays, with optional
support for masking
- numeric precision and data types are better conserved when reading
and writing to files and databases
- it is now easy for users to write their own read/write functions for ATpy
- the documentation has been re-written

We encourage previous and new users to read over the new documentation
located at http://atpy.sourceforge.net/, and we welcome feedback about
how to improve it. The documentation includes a page describing how
users can create their own readers/writers, and we are open to
submissions from users to help us support many more table types.

Users can visit the forums for general troubleshooting and discussions
with the developers and other users. In addition, we have now created
a bug and feature request tracker on sourceforge.net.

We look forward to your feedback,

Thomas Robitaille and Eli Bressert

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