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Wolfgang Kerzendorf wkerzendorf@googlemail....
Mon Feb 15 21:52:28 CST 2010


So I had a bit of a look and will try to use cython to wrap the existing code without touching it. My first go will be at the background subtraction routine as that seems fairly easy with input and output (array goes in - array comes out). If anyone is a cython guru please raise your hand ;-). I'll hopefully post some updates in the near future. 
I guess once we know how to wrap one function, then we could do a group effort and wrap all of them. 

On 14/02/2010, at 6:06 , Perry Greenfield wrote:

> There was an effort a few years ago to make a C interface to SExtractor available that was on sourceforge. I don't think that went anywhere. The main issue is that one probably needs to refactor the existing code to remove the I/O from the computational routines to enable to use it effectively from Python.
> I still think it is a good idea. It would need some cooperation from the developer though (we wouldn't want to fork it for example).
> Perry
> On Feb 13, 2010, at 4:52 AM, Wolfgang Kerzendorf wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm interested in using sextractor purely in python. For the last couple of years I have been calling sextractor from python and reading in the resulting catalogue. I wonder if people have wrapped sextractor's c-code with cython.
>> It would be great if sextractor worked on numpy arrays (or pyfits objects) and that you could do things individually (like the background map and so on). Any ideas?
>> cheers
>> Wolfgang
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