[AstroPy] Looking for a Short Demo Win Executable of Matplotlib

RJ rays@blue-cove....
Tue Feb 16 13:17:15 CST 2010

I just tried to compile the example
using comments at the bottom of
for MPL.99/Py2.6/numpy1.3
The exe throws an "illegal instruction" error
and I get this with running py2exe

"The following modules appear to be missing
['PyQt4.QtGui', '_dotblas', '_imaging_gif', '_transforms', '_wxagg', 
'config', '
core.abs', 'core.max', 'core.min', 'core.round', 'dummy.Process', 
or', 'email.Iterators', 'gobject', 'lib.add_newdoc', 
'matplotlib.collections', '
mpl_toolkits.natgrid', 'nose', 'nose.plugins', 'nose.plugins.base', 
s.builtin', 'nose.plugins.errorclass', 'nose.tools', 'nose.util', 
', 'projections.get_projection_class', 
'projections.get_projection_names', 'proj
ections.projection_factory', 'pyemf', 'pytz.zoneinfo', 'qt', 'scipy', 
ester', 'numpy.absolute', 'numpy.arccos', 'numpy.arccosh', 
'numpy.arcsin', 'nump
y.arcsinh', 'numpy.arctan', 'numpy.arctanh', 'numpy.bitwise_and', 
_or', 'numpy.bitwise_xor', 'numpy.bool_', 'numpy.ceil', 
'numpy.conjugate', 'nump
y.core.add', 'numpy.core.cdouble', 'numpy.core.complexfloating', 
jugate', 'numpy.core.csingle', 'numpy.core.double', 
'numpy.core.float64', 'numpy
.core.float_', 'numpy.core.inexact', 'numpy.core.intc', 
'numpy.core.isfinite', '
numpy.core.isnan', 'numpy.core.maximum', 'numpy.core.multiply', 
er', 'numpy.core.single', 'numpy.core.sqrt', 'numpy.cosh', 
'numpy.divide', 'nump
y.fabs', 'numpy.floor', 'numpy.floor_divide', 'numpy.fmod', 
'numpy.greater', 'nu
mpy.hypot', 'numpy.invert', 'numpy.isinf', 'numpy.left_shift', 
'numpy.less', 'nu
mpy.log', 'numpy.logical_and', 'numpy.logical_not', 
'numpy.logical_or', 'numpy.l
ogical_xor', 'numpy.maximum', 'numpy.minimum', 'numpy.negative', 
l', 'numpy.power', 'numpy.remainder', 'numpy.right_shift', 
'numpy.sign', 'numpy.
sinh', 'numpy.tan', 'numpy.tanh', 'numpy.true_divide']"


At 07:32 AM 2/16/2010, Wayne Watson wrote:
>See Subject. I'm looking for a demo fully compiled executable that is
>relevant to science, astronomy, that produces a plot with the MPL
>navigation facilities, zoom, pan, resizing axis scales. If possible,
>smaller than 10M, so that I can send it via e-mail. If not, then
>downloadable from some common web site.

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