[AstroPy] Module for Determining the Radiant Constellation for a Meteor?

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal....
Thu Jan 7 10:41:31 CST 2010

Thinking about this a bit further, I think this should be pretty easy if 
there is a table or data set containing all the boundary data for each 
constellation. I haven't looked yet, but I would think the boundaries 
follow lines of RA/DEC, and not be drawn in some sort of zig-zag 
fashion. If so, then this should not be hard. It appears this is the 
"official" site for these matters. 
<http://www.iau.org/public_press/themes/constellations/>. Doesn't one of 
the astronomical python libraries have either the wherewithal to use it, 
and possibly even a simple file that just contains the boundaries. It 
looks like the IAU has 88 files, and more non-boundary data than needed 
for this. Maybe there's even one big file?

Wayne Watson wrote:
> See subject. If I know the radiant point, does such Python code exist?

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