[AstroPy] Killing Two Birds with One Stone--PyEphem and Radiant Constellation

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal....
Mon Jan 11 20:44:01 CST 2010

In two posts above, "Module for Determining the Radiant Constellation 
for a Meteor?", and "A Small Useful Astronomy Python Module", I found 
what I needed in PyPphem a few hours ago.  It looks quite good for my 
purposes, and the documentation (tutorial and quick reference).  It even 
has city and star catalogs, and a method for determining the 
constellation of a point.  I'm impressed.

The sidereal module I mentioned in on of the posts is interesting, but 
there doesn't seem much support for it,  nor any user documentation.  I 
contacted the school where it is found, and  they barely knew about it.  
Only their computer center.

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