[AstroPy] astropython.org

Tom Aldcroft aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard....
Thu Jan 14 12:50:09 CST 2010

While we had planned to announce the www.astropython.org site very
shortly to the astropy mailing list, I'm pleased that the news is
already spreading.

So on behalf of the AstroPython team I would like to formally
introduce a new web site:


The purpose of this web site is to act as a community-driven knowledge
base for performing astronomy research using the Python language. It
provides a forum for general discussion, advice, or relevant news
items, collecting lists of useful resources, users' code snippets or
scripts, and longer tutorials on specific topics.  We hope that
members of this mailing list will get involved and be able to
contribute ideas and content.

Since the site is newly developed any suggestions about the web site
design or content would be most appreciated.

And yes, we will certainly add a reference to the astropy mailing
list, with apologies for not having already included it.  All of us do
follow this list.


The AstroPython team
Gus Muench, Eli Bressert, Thomas Robitaille, Tom Aldcroft

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