[AstroPy] asciitable 0.2.5

Tom Aldcroft aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard....
Fri Jul 9 10:51:58 CDT 2010

I'd like to announce the release of asciitable version 0.2.5.
Asciitable is an extensible ASCII table reader with built-in support
for a number of common table formats in astronomy.


This release is primarily a documentation update, including much more
detail on the parameters for the read() function plus a bit more for
other advanced features.  There are a couple of minor code fixes /

- Gracefully read tables that have a header but no data lines.
- Update the Tab reader so all data value spaces are preserved
(including leading/trailing)

By the way if there are feature requests or different table formats
needing support I am happy to listen.  For instance, is missing-value
support a high priority for people?

Tom Aldcroft

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