[AstroPy] Python documentation (was IDL to Python Switchers Guide)

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Sun Jul 11 15:33:43 CDT 2010

Hi Kelle et al.,

I'm not much of an IDL user personally, but I think this kind of
documentation is great.

I see there are a few different wiki sites cropping up, as well as
what's on SciPy (eg. the topical software astro section and AstroLib):


Clearly some of this old SciPy stuff could do with an update -- I
might have a quick go at that.

In the context of the "co-ordinating libraries" thread, how do people
feel about the way information is distributed? Should more information
go on the SciPy pages? What about Thomas's astrokits, if we do them?
Should astropython.org be associated with scipy.org and Astrolib? I
don't want to push the authors around, but it seems a good time to
consider such questions.

Whatever happens, I'd personally like to maintain a strong link
between our AstroLib/AstroPy developments and SciPy -- but without
limiting our flexibility too much (eg. avoiding some shortcomings that
Joe pointed to). That way we combine forces with the wider scientific
community and don't just get a bigger installation headache from
moving to Python ;-).



> Hi All,
> I've sketched out a table on the AstroBetter wiki to use a "Switchers 
> Guide" from IDL. But it will also for developers so that they can see 
> what's already been migrated.
> http://www.astrobetter.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Python+Switchers+Guide 
> <http://www.astrobetter.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Python+Switchers+Guide>
> My idea is to list the IDL Astrolib routines, their equivalent/similar 
> functionality python module, followed by a brief description.  The table 
> currently includes the sum total of my Python knowledge so it's up to 
> the community to fill it in.  I also included in the table a couple IDL 
> routines that probably have Python equivalents but that I just haven't 
> figured out yet.  (i couldn't quite figure out what to make of the 
> Starlink package.)  Also, feel free to add modules that are useful but 
> that don't have an IDL equivalent. It's a wiki, so edit away.  You'll 
> just have to register....
> I spent some time writing out the syntax for the pyfits header 
> manipulation stuff, but if you just want to include the package and 
> module, that'll be better than nothing.  I also based the sections and 
> their order on the Astrolib 
> page: http://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/contents.html
> btw, it is not my intention to duplicate the content that's already on 
> the NumPy for IDL users 
> site: http://mathesaurus.sourceforge.net/idl-numpy.html
> Anyway, for you python gurus out there...next time you're 
> procrastinating but still want to do something productive, fill in some 
> of the table!
> kelle
> --
> Kelle Cruz, PhD
> Assistant Professor, Hunter College
> Research Associate, AMNH
> Visiting Associate, Caltech
> http://kellecruz.com/
> http://astrobetter.com/
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