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Kelle Cruz kellecruz@gmail....
Sun Jul 11 16:20:28 CDT 2010

Doesn't matter to me which wiki the Switchers Guide table lives
on (AstroBetter /AstroLib/AstroPython) just as long as it continues to get
filled in.  These lists of packages just aren't doing it for me.

Regarding the AstroLib site, I didn't even realize it was a wiki! I think if
you really want people to edit it, i think it would help to make it more
obvious that it's a wiki and how to register.  Also, AstroLib is geared
towards *developers* while I'm concerned with *users*.

To add another question to the ones that James posed: Does anyone have any
thoughts on which wiki the Switcher's Guide should live on?


On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 4:33 PM, James Turner <jturner@gemini.edu> wrote:

> Hi Kelle et al.,
> I'm not much of an IDL user personally, but I think this kind of
> documentation is great.
> I see there are a few different wiki sites cropping up, as well as
> what's on SciPy (eg. the topical software astro section and AstroLib):
> http://scipy.org/Topical_Software#head-4891fc4038123c6a923398225a728ec92ddb2780
>  http://scipy.org/AstroLib
> Clearly some of this old SciPy stuff could do with an update -- I
> might have a quick go at that.
> In the context of the "co-ordinating libraries" thread, how do people
> feel about the way information is distributed? Should more information
> go on the SciPy pages? What about Thomas's astrokits, if we do them?
> Should astropython.org be associated with scipy.org and Astrolib? I
> don't want to push the authors around, but it seems a good time to
> consider such questions.
> Whatever happens, I'd personally like to maintain a strong link
> between our AstroLib/AstroPy developments and SciPy -- but without
> limiting our flexibility too much (eg. avoiding some shortcomings that
> Joe pointed to). That way we combine forces with the wider scientific
> community and don't just get a bigger installation headache from
> moving to Python ;-).
> Cheers,
> James.
>  Hi All,
>> I've sketched out a table on the AstroBetter wiki to use a "Switchers
>> Guide" from IDL. But it will also for developers so that they can see what's
>> already been migrated.
>> http://www.astrobetter.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Python+Switchers+Guide<
>> http://www.astrobetter.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Python+Switchers+Guide
>> >
>> My idea is to list the IDL Astrolib routines, their equivalent/similar
>> functionality python module, followed by a brief description.  The table
>> currently includes the sum total of my Python knowledge so it's up to the
>> community to fill it in.  I also included in the table a couple IDL routines
>> that probably have Python equivalents but that I just haven't figured out
>> yet.  (i couldn't quite figure out what to make of the Starlink package.)
>>  Also, feel free to add modules that are useful but that don't have an IDL
>> equivalent. It's a wiki, so edit away.  You'll just have to register....
>> I spent some time writing out the syntax for the pyfits header
>> manipulation stuff, but if you just want to include the package and module,
>> that'll be better than nothing.  I also based the sections and their order
>> on the Astrolib page: http://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/contents.html
>> btw, it is not my intention to duplicate the content that's already on the
>> NumPy for IDL users site:
>> http://mathesaurus.sourceforge.net/idl-numpy.html
>> Anyway, for you python gurus out there...next time you're procrastinating
>> but still want to do something productive, fill in some of the table!
>> kelle
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