[AstroPy] Python documentation (was IDL to Python Switchers Guide)

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Sun Jul 11 18:19:33 CDT 2010

> Regarding the AstroLib site, I didn't even realize it was a wiki! I 
> think if you really want people to edit it, i think it would help to 
> make it more obvious that it's a wiki and how to register.  Also, 
> AstroLib is geared towards *developers* while I'm concerned with *users*.

Yes, there's some truth to that. Those sections could be more inviting
or informative in general. I suspect that may have been one factor in
people deciding to host their own libraries rather than contributing
to AstroLib, though no-one here has said so. However, it's actually
the WHOLE of scipy.org that's a wiki (I even just did a minor edit on
the front page...).

I think there's no reason not to put user documentation on the same
pages; there just isn't any there yet.



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