[AstroPy] Python documentation (was IDL to Python Switchers Guide)

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Mon Jul 12 15:04:37 CDT 2010

> Well, I think a wiki is definitely *not* the place for actual
> documentation at the developer level.  In Python, that is much easier
> done within the source code itself (and/or with external files in the
> source tree) by way of sphinx.

Yes, I think/hope everyone wants to use Sphinx for documentation (as
opposed to general information).

> In astronomy, lots of "users" will be writing scripts that dig pretty
> deeply into what one might think of as "developer" territory, so I'm
> not clear on where the line is...

It's not very well defined, but I'd consider developers to be the
people who care about structuring code, using version control, writing
tests and the overall quality of the end product -- those who will take
the time to understand developer documentation as far as they need it
to do the job properly. For "users", the bar has to be set pretty low
in terms of explaining the basics and focusing on getting things done
quickly. Just my 11 pesos.



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