[AstroPy] Geomap to Python

juan catalan el.seba.soy.sho@gmail....
Thu Jun 17 22:17:44 CDT 2010

Hi, all!

I was wondering if:
1.- Does exists any script or something that simulate what Geomap and/or
Geotrans do?
2.- Is anybody intrested to use something like this?

I'm a computer science student not related in any kind to astronomy, but
once i saw all the work that people that works with geomap have to do to
analyse data, and i was wondering if someone is intrested to help me to
develp a script that can emulate what Iraf's tools does.

The idea that i've got is to develop something that works in python like:

#something that handles the .coo files and creates the arrays that geomap
will recive has inputs
#something that emulate geomapy
import pyfits as pf
#something that emulate what geotran does and show the transformed image

well, hope not to bother to anyone and if someone is intrested i will be
really happy to work with.

PS: Sorry about my english is not really good. I'm spanish speaker

Juan S. Catalán Olmos
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