[AstroPy] SAMPy 1.2.1

Luigi Paioro luigi@lambrate.inaf...
Fri Mar 4 07:42:18 CST 2011

Dear all,

with this message I announce the release of SAMPy 1.2.1 (supporting the 
experimental Web Profile [*]) and some news related with it.

First of all, SAMPy is now directly distributed through PyPI Package 
Index service:


where the sources can be downloaded in tar.gz format or zip format.

It can also be installed using pip installation tool for Python 
packages, available here:


With pip, SAMPy can be easily installed using the command:

shell > pip install sampy

This way, pip tool will search for the latest SAMPy release stored into 
PyPI repository, download and directly install it.

The latest SAMPy API documentation can be reached on-line at this URL:


It follows the complete set of changes made in SAMPy 1.2.1, taken from 
the ChangeLog:

- Updated version supporting the Web Profile:
   a) -w/--web-profile option added to sampy.py script as stand-alone
   application and b) web_profile optional argument added to
   SAMPHubServer class, in order to run the Hub enabling the Web Profile.
- Bug fixed. Host name better resolved on proxied networks.
- `sampy` script added: it is just a simple script importing SAMPy
   module and executing it calling the main routine. `sampy` has been
   thought to be a replacement of sampy.py as stand alone program
   (still running though).
- README and setup.py files updated.
- SAMPy icons added.
- Utility scripts and examples moved in more appropriate directories.
- SAMPy Hub metadata modified.
- Other minor changes and improvements.

For any comment, bug report, etc. please contact me.

With my Best Regards,

   Luigi Paioro

[*] http://www.star.bristol.ac.uk/~mbt/websamp/


Luigi Paioro

INAF - IASF Milano
Via Bassini 15, I-20133 Milano, Italy

Phone  (+39) 02 23 699 470
Fax    (+39) 02 26 660 17
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