[AstroPy] Ubuntu packages and state of AstroLib

Michael Droettboom mdroe@stsci....
Thu Mar 17 09:00:57 CDT 2011

The tests are designed for use with nosetests.

I admit the tests are rather incomplete -- at STScI pywcs is mainly tested within the context of other tools (e.g. betadrizzle) that use it.  It's probably worth investing a little time to add more low-level unit tests.

The wcsset_ issue is to support compilation on MS-Windows.  As wcslib did not accept the patch upstream, we have had to maintain it in our local copy.  But that could probably be improved using #defines or some such to make this easier for packagers to use a system copy of wcslib.

BTW -- be careful interchanging the terms "wcslib" and "libwcs" -- they are different projects with different licenses.

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Dear list,

I could successfully build packages of pywcs for Ubuntu. They are in my
repository (read on there on how to add it to your system):


Because of the naming conventions of Ubuntu, the package is renamed to

The source (version 1.9-4.4.4) is taken from stsci, as in the Fedora
package made by Sergio Pascual. BTW, this version isn't tagged in the
astrolib SVN repository, is it?

I also used Sergio's patch to link to the existing libwcs instead of
using the builtin one. Since the current libwcs (version 4.7) is used, I
needed to remove the underscore in wcsset_() to avoid linkage problems.
The repository also contains an Ubuntu package of the libwcs.

Packages are available in 32 bit (i386) and 64 bit (amd64) for the 10.04
LTS version (Lucid Lynx) as well as for the current 10.10 version
(Maverick Meercat). I will create packages for the upcoming 11.04 (Natty
Narwhal) when they reach the Beta testing phase.

The main problem for me here is testing: I found only some test code in
the astropy subversion repository of pywcs, without documentation, and
probably using some features that are not available in pywcs-1.9:
UnitConverter, and find_all_wcs(). Also, the test code seem to be not
use Pythons "unittest" package?

Comments and bug reports on the builds are very welcome.


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