[AstroPy] Ubuntu packages and state of AstroLib

Ole Streicher astropy@liska.ath...
Thu Mar 17 09:21:17 CDT 2011

Am 17.03.2011 15:00, schrieb Michael Droettboom:
> The wcsset_ issue is to support compilation on MS-Windows.  As wcslib
> did not accept the patch upstream, we have had to maintain it in our
> local copy.  But that could probably be improved using #defines or
> some such to make this easier for packagers to use a system copy of
> wcslib.

Is it OK if I patch this during the package build process?

> BTW -- be careful interchanging the terms "wcslib" and "libwcs" --
> they are different projects with different licenses.

Hmm, this has nothing to do with python, but can you shortly explain the
differences? When I started to search for the WCS library, I found
"libwcs" as part of wcstools (http://tdc-www.cfa.harvard.edu/wcstools/),
and they refer to Mark Calabretta's wcslib -- and this is the one I use.
Also here, to follow a bit the naming conventions (library packages
should start with "lib"), I choose "libwcs" instead of "wcslib". Are
there other packages to consider?



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