[AstroPy] Ubuntu packages and state of AstroLib

Ole Streicher astropy@liska.ath...
Fri Mar 18 04:04:24 CDT 2011

I put python-pywcs-1.10 to my Ubuntu repository.

Thank you for the new version!



Am 17.03.2011 20:01, schrieb Michael Droettboom:
> I have made a pywcs-1.10-4.7 release, available here:
> http://stsdas.stsci.edu/astrolib/pywcs-1.10-4.7.tar.gz
> and tagged in SVN here:
> http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/astrolib/tags/pywcs_1.10/
> That should remove the need for the crazy wcsset_ patching, and also
> provide some basic unit tests for running with nose.
> Cheers, Mike

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