[AstroPy] Ubuntu packages and state of AstroLib

Erik Bray embray@stsci....
Fri Mar 18 09:05:48 CDT 2011

Erik Tollerud wrote:
> So are there still no plans to upload pywcs to PyPI?

> As far as I can tell this should be as easy as adding "
> 'requires':['numpy','pyfits'],'provides':['pywcs']" to the setupargs
> in defsetup.py and running "python sdist upload".

More or less that's true.  Though the distutils hacks that pyfits, 
pywcs, and some of our other packages rely on makes doing this "right" a 
bit trickier.

I'm in the process of overhauling these packages so that it will be 
easier to distribute them on PyPI (with the correct dependency 
management) and have releases pushed out regularly.


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