[AstroPy] A question about multiprocessing

Jean-Baptiste Marquette marquett@iap...
Fri Nov 4 11:05:24 CDT 2011

Le 4 nov. 2011 à 16:51, Chris Sontag a écrit :

> I'm not sure this code is doing what you want.  Each of NPROC subprocesses runs CatDistort(), which does some processing on EACH image in your queue.  So each image actually gets processed NPROC times (by every subprocess), is that your intention?  If not, send one image as the value for the args of CatDistort().

Hi Chris,

No, each image is processed once on one of my 4 processors which are able to manage the queue in such a way. I know that because an xterm with label and given position on the screen is attached to each processor. Thus the queue feeds the available processors sequentially.

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