[AstroPy] patch for pywcs

Erik Bray embray@stsci....
Mon Oct 10 06:36:04 CDT 2011


I'm pretty sure Mike is still the pywcs maintainer, but as the pyfits 
maintainer I can say it looks good to me.  The 'fromstring' portion of 
your patch is already fixed in pywcs's trunk (it checks the pyfits 
version with pyfits.__version__ by the way).

But the all the has_keys still need to be fixed.  That one's a bit 
surprising since I thought I grepped most of our code base for that and 
removed them, but I guess a few slipped through the cracks.



On 10/08/2011 02:52 AM, Rene Breton wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know if Michael Droettboom is still the maintainer of pywcs but
> I have a patch to submit for the next release. There have been major
> changes to pyfits 3.x compared to 2.x and hence pywcs fails to export to
> header properly (pywcs.WCS.to_header). I have fixed the problem.
> Currently, it requires a "try... except" because I haven't found an
> elegant way to make it compatible with both 2.x and 3.x. When pywcs
> moves to requiring pyfits >3.x then the exception clause could be removed.
> At the same time, I've also remove the header.has_key and replaced them
> for "key in header" as the header.has_key spits out a DeprecationWarning.
> The patch is attached.
> Cheers,
> Rene
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