[AstroPy] IDLSave 1.0.0 Released!

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille@gmail....
Wed Aug 1 10:47:24 CDT 2012

I am happy to announce the availability of IDLSave 1.0.0!

IDLSave is a pure Python module to import variables from IDL ‘save’
files into Python, and does not require IDL to work. More information
and download/installation instructions are available at

Please note that since IDLSave is now available as part of Scipy (in
scipy.io), this is intended to be the last standalone stable release.
If you have Scipy 0.9.0 or more recent, you do not need to install
IDLSave - instead, see:


Let me know if you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions!


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