[AstroPy] yt 2.4 release announcement

Nathan Goldbaum goldbaum@ucolick....
Thu Aug 2 22:21:36 CDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We’re proud to announce the release of version 2.4 of the yt Project,
http://yt-project.org/ .  The new version includes many new features,
refinements of existing features and numerous bugfixes.  We encourage
all users to upgrade to take advantage of the changes.

yt is a community-developed analysis and visualization toolkit,
primarily directed at astrophysical hydrodynamics simulations.  It
provides full support for output from the Enzo, FLASH, Orion, and Nyx
codes, with preliminary support for several others.  It provides
access to simulation data  using an intuitive python interface, can
perform many common visualization tasks and offers a framework for
conducting data reductions and analysis of simulation data.

The most visible changes with the 2.4 release include:

* A threaded volume renderer, which has been completely rewritten for
speed, clarity and extensibility
* A new plotting mechanism, the “Plot Window,” for easier and more
efficient visualization
* Many improvements to time series analysis, including auto-parallelization
* A complete rewrite of the Web GUI for yt including a WebGL 3D scene
and substantial user interface improvements
* Integration with the new yt Hub (http://hub.yt-project.org/ ) for
sharing of data, scripts and images
* Extensive additions and improvements to the cookbook

For a complete list of changes in this release, please visit the
Changelog ( http://yt-project.org/docs/2.4/changelog.html ).

Information about the yt project, including installation instructions,
can be found on the homepage: http://yt-project.org/

Development of yt has been sponsored by the NSF, the DOE, and various
universities.  We develop yt in the open and encourage contributions
from users who extend and improve the code.  We invite you to get
involved with developing and using yt!

Please forward this announcement to other interested parties.


   The yt development team

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