[AstroPy] Lists of stellar and galactic emission lines?

Thøger Rivera-Thorsen thoger.emil@gmail....
Tue Dec 11 08:03:04 CST 2012

Hello list;

This is not stricxtly Python-related, but I am working on some 
spectroscopy (Python) code, and would like to know if there are any 
good, comprehensive-but-not-too-comprehensive lists of the 
strongest/most common emission (and secondarily absorption) lines in 
stellar and galactic spectra?

I have looked at a couple; the ones in Astropysics and VPfit. The former 
is good but a bit short, the latter is (a bit too) long and 
comprehensive but has very few lines longer than ~3000 Å.

What do you people out there use in your daily work, and is it 
accessible for inclusion in a Python module?


T. Rivera-Thorsen
University of Stockholm
Department of Astronomy

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