[AstroPy] Maximum likelihood fit to unbinned data

Jake Vanderplas vanderplas@astro.washington....
Thu Dec 27 12:13:32 CST 2012

We discuss this sort of thing a bit in our upcoming book.  The text not yet published, but the figures and associated code are online.  We show one example of unbinned regression of Poisson counts within a Bayesian context, which you can see here:


The example is perhaps a bit opaque without the accompanying discussion in the text, but I thought you might find it helpful!

On 12/22/2012 11:22 AM, Eduardo Balbinot wrote:

> A bit off-topic, but....
> Anyone could point to a good guide to fitting unbinned data using a
> maximum likelihood estimator?
> It would be a nice idea to have it on astropy with most used density
> profiles (Hubble, Plummer, King, etc...). If I manage to do it we
> could discuss including it on astropy.
> Thanks!
> -- Eduardo Balbinot

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