[AstroPy] querying Subaru database

Peter Erwin erwin@mpe.mpg...
Sat Jul 7 03:31:23 CDT 2012


My online archive-searching tool "telarchive", which can be found here


includes a module which searches Smoka, though it only does this one object (or set of
coordinates) at a time. Still, it shouldn't be too difficult to abstract the code and put a
wrapper around it to loop through a list of targets. (Or you could run telarchive with
the "--usearchive=smoka" flag, which restricts the search to that archive, and put a
wrapper around that.)



On Jul 7, 2012, at 2:11 AM, Abhijith Rajan wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone on the astropy mailing list have code to request data from Subaru online database (Smoka). They do not appear to have any tools to upload lists (of star names) and locate datasets. Rather than go through ~800 stars by hand I was wondering if anyone has a convenient alternative.
> Thanks
> Abhi
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