[AstroPy] [astropy-dev] ANN: Astropy v0.1

Erik Bray embray@stsci....
Tue Jul 10 11:52:24 CDT 2012

On 07/10/2012 12:46 PM, Erik Bray wrote:
> fitsio.c does document which source files in the original CFITSIO that
> functions were cherry-picked from.  However it also states that these
> functions were "copied and modified" without specifying how or why they
> were modified.  Maybe someone else at STScI has a better handle on the
> history of that.  There have been a couple big fixes to the code in
> fitsio.c that don't seem to have been upstreamed to CFITSIO.

I'm sorry, that previous sentence should read "a couple bug fixes".  The 
few fixes I can find recorded in the SVN history are actually quite small.


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