[AstroPy] [astropy-dev] ANN: Astropy v0.1

Erik Bray embray@stsci....
Tue Jul 10 12:38:14 CDT 2012

On 07/10/2012 01:22 PM, James Turner wrote:
> I'm just wondering about the motivation for bundling zlib. I
> looked into that issue fairly recently (not exhaustively but
> probably enough) and concluded that basically all Linux and
> Apple desktop installs come with zlib. In particular I believe
> the LSB requires it (though of course only certain distributions
> follow that). Is ABI stability a big concern even for something
> like zlib? Probably Erik, Ole et al. have a much better
> perspective on this than I have, but I thought it worth asking
> the question just to make sure there's a good answer ;-). Maybe
> it's just one less dependency to worry about whether it might
> break or not.
> Cheers,
> James.

I don't think ABI compatibility is as much a concern--I would think 
that's pretty stable (though I don't know).  Also I don't think the 
availability of the library itself is of as much concern on *NIX 
systems.  But on *Windows* it is very much necessary.

Also, even if the library is installed, I'm not sure if the headers are 
always guaranteed to be installed.  My guess would be that on most 
systems the headers for zlib are installed by default (they are on the 
OSX machines I have access to), but I don't know how guaranteed that is.

But in any case, for the sake of Windows support (sans Cygwin, mingw, 
etc.) removing it outright is a non-starter I think.


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