[AstroPy] [astropy-dev] ANN: Astropy v0.1

Olе Streicher astropy@liska.ath...
Thu Jul 12 02:17:57 CDT 2012

James Turner <jturner@gemini.edu> writes:
> I'm just wondering about the motivation for bundling zlib. I
> looked into that issue fairly recently (not exhaustively but
> probably enough) and concluded that basically all Linux and
> Apple desktop installs come with zlib. 

I would see the point in bundling zlib since at least one major system
(MS Windows) does not have it on default.

> In particular I believe the LSB requires it (though of course only
> certain distributions follow that). 

LSB is very Linux specific, while one goal of astropy is being portable.

> Is ABI stability a big concern even for something like zlib? 

I would (again) advertize the excellent "upstream-tracker" service here:
This shows that the zlib ABI was stable in the last 14 years -- except
for one removed function (gzflags()) in the latest version. 



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