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Wed Mar 7 03:41:21 CST 2012


I have written a image combine implementation for the pipeline of
EMIR[1], a near infrared instrument for the 10m GTC Telescope. It does
weighting and masking. It's written as a C/C++ extension. It's part of
a larger package, numina, used for other GTC instruments, but I may
split combine if there is interest in it. The package, called numina,
its under heavy development, but the combine part is fairly stable.

You can see the code here https://guaix.fis.ucm.es/hg/numina/

The combine part is the module numina.array.combine, fairly all the
C/C++ code is in src/

Regards, Sergio

[1] http://www.gtc.iac.es/pages/instrumentacion/emir.php
[2] http://www.gtc.iac.es/

El día 6 de marzo de 2012 12:00, Jose Miguel Ibáñez <ppmime@gmail.com> escribió:
> Hello everyone,
> does anyone know of an implementation of the iraf.imcombine task in
> python+numpy ? (of course, not using pyraf.imcombine call)
> Thanks !
> Jose
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