[AstroPy] Heliocentric Velocity Correction

David Berry d.berry@jach.hawaii....
Tue Mar 13 15:16:07 CDT 2012

Pyast (http://dsberry.github.com/starlink/pyast.html) provides a wide
range of facilities for handling spectral, celestial and time axes.
This includes heliocentric velocity correction (amongst other things)
for spectral axes. In particularly, see the "SpecFrame" class
(http://www.starlink.ac.uk/docs/sun211.htx/node680.html#SpecFrame). If
you create two SpecFrames with different properties (i.e. different
standards of rest, units, geocentic observatory positions, etc), then
the astConvert method
can be used to get the transformation between them.


On 13 March 2012 19:58, Scott Ransom <sransom@nrao.edu> wrote:
> Hi Vivienne,
> There are heliocentric velocity routines which have many of the major
> observatories in pyslalib (which wraps the GPL'd version of SLALIB).
> See the sla_earth routine for a description (and for a way of getting
> even more accurate values).
> https://github.com/scottransom/pyslalib
> Scott
> PS:  There is a _lot_ of other high-quality functionality in SLALIB
> (which is all wrapped by pyslalib) as well...
> On 03/13/2012 03:24 PM, Vivienne Baldassare wrote:
>> Is there a python function for calculating the heliocentric velocity
>> correction?  I found one called helcorr.py in the Astrolibpy library but
>> am curious if there is another one worth considering.  In particular, I
>> noticed that the major observatories aren't in by default.  If this is
>> the only one, is it worth me improving this one?
>> Best,
>> Vivienne Baldassare
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