[AstroPy] Cross-Identification of stars in a collection of images

Joe Philip Ninan indiajoe@gmail....
Thu Mar 15 14:05:01 CDT 2012

Something like xyxymatch Joe Lyman mentioned was exactly what i was looking
for. Thanks a lot.

Warren Hack have send me link to its python version in stsci's irafx [1].

I had actually finished sketching the algorithm to implement triangle
matching and was about to start coding. i shall code that some other time
later. Right now xyxymatch meets my requirement. :-)
Thanks a lot for the help.
[1] http://stsdas.stsci.edu/irafx/

On 15 March 2012 22:49, Joe Lyman <jdl@astro.livjm.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> Not sure if this is what you're after, but check out `xyxymatch` in the
> immatch package of IRAF(/pyraf).
> This performs triangle matching of object lists (taken from daofind output
> for example) to create a matched list of coordinates (which can be input
> into geomap to compute the transformation and finally geotran to perform
> it). The source for xyxymatch may help you.
> Performs fairly well from my own experiences, even in the absence of an
> initial guess at the transformation.
> Cheers,
> Joe

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