[AstroPy] Python packages in package managers

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille@gmail....
Fri Mar 16 09:30:53 CDT 2012


As some of you already know, I've been working on adding various Python packages for Astronomy to MacPorts, a package manager on Mac. I think that adding at least some of the Astronomy packages to package managers on various platforms will make it a lot easier in future for people to get a full Python installation on Mac and Linux without having to resort to e.g. EPD or other package bundles, so if you are interested, I would definitely encourage you to find out how you can help add packages to various other packages managers.

I'm happy to help with MacPorts, but making sure the packages are up to date, etc. is already quite a bit to keep track of, and there are still many astronomy packages that have yet to be added, so I can't help add the packages to other package managers. It would be really great if other people could volunteer to help with other package managers!

If you can maintain the package descriptions in a particular package manager, just reply to this thread to let other people know!


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