[AstroPy] SciPy 2012

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Wed Mar 28 13:36:19 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering who is thinking of attending SciPy in Austin this
July 16-21:


I've been asked by the organizers to help out, but am just figuring out
what my plans are, since it clashes with a couple of things. If there's
enough interest, I would propose an AstroPy sprint during the last
couple of days, where people (including me) can get started contributing
and focus on one or two areas of missing functionality, compared with
eg. IRAF or IDL.

I gather the next AstroPy co-ordination meeting is likely to happen
separately elsewhere, due to people's limited availability during the
conference season, but SciPy is a good venue for wider exposure and for
participants to learn about other Python tools (eg. NumPy, Matplotlib,
GPU libraries, symbolic mathematics, you name it...).



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