[AstroPy] [astropy-dev] Coordinates subpackage - request for help

David Berry d.berry@jach.hawaii....
Thu Nov 15 11:32:57 CST 2012

Accident - I didn't mean to attach the files to the message!

On 15 November 2012 17:32, David Berry <d.berry@jach.hawaii.edu> wrote:
> Hi Demitri,
> My offering is at
> http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/~dberry/convert.py   (the script)
> http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/~dberry/pyast.txt.gz   (the output table)
> The script reads the FK5 J2000 values from Chris' table and converts
> them to FK4 B1950, ICRS, Galactic and Ecliptic. It assumes J2000 for
> the epoch of observation (as specified at
> http://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/ftp/pro/astro/bprecess.pro). The RMS
> discrepancies in arc-seconds between my table and Chris' table are
> 3.6E-4 (ecliptic) and 3.6E-7 (galactic).
> I'm sure you didn't mean to suggest that astronomers only trust
> software written in IDL :-) AST has been around for more than a
> decade. It's based on the SLALIB library that was created by Pat
> Wallace, the author of the SOFA library (who was also involved in
> writing AST), and is used in very trusted tools such as DS9.
> David

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