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Thu Nov 15 23:50:10 CST 2012


On 15 Nov 2012, at 12:32, David Berry <d.berry@jach.hawaii.edu> wrote:

> I'm sure you didn't mean to suggest that astronomers only trust
> software written in IDL :-) AST has been around for more than a
> decade. It's based on the SLALIB library that was created by Pat
> Wallace, the author of the SOFA library (who was also involved in
> writing AST), and is used in very trusted tools such as DS9.

No, not at all. But I know that a lot of astronomers live by it daily, and if we can say "this code agrees with what you are using to xxx precision and has been tested against it", it will assuage some.

On 15 Nov 2012, at 12:27, Thomas Robitaille <thomas.robitaille@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think it would be great to have a PyAST version of the testing
> script in addition to the IDL one. I think it's fair to say that
> people trust AST (possibly even more than the IDL routines!).

Yes, definitely. The IDL script can't be run automatically anyway.

On 15 Nov 2012, at 22:24, Brandon Rhodes <brandon@rhodesmill.org> wrote:

> Several of the coordinate transforms mentioned in the post (maybe all?)
> are also implemented by the Naval Observatory's NOVAS library, which
> requires no license and for which they now support an official Python
> wrapper - though I will grant you that the API can take a bit of getting
> used to:

Hopefully our API is better. :)

So... can I get a volunteer to write the code that compares the results to the new astropy coordinates package? I might argue that it shouldn't be Adrian, Erik, or myself since we wrote the code, and it would be very valuable to have someone from the community use it to see how much sense it makes. This includes reading the examples and documentation to let us know if anything is unclear.

Really appreciate all the help and suggestions.


Demitri Muna

Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics
New York University


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