[AstroPy] Support for OIFITS, reconstructed images

Brian Kloppenborg bkloppenborg@gmail....
Thu Apr 4 03:58:37 CDT 2013


I do optical/NIR interferometric image reconstruction. I have two
questions relating to how I should get some of our needs supported in

First, the data from our instruments comes in an IAU-sanctioned
extension of the FITS data format called OIFITS (
http://www.mrao.cam.ac.uk/projects/OAS/oi_data/oifits.html). There is a
standard C library (which uses CFITSIO) for reading/writing these files,
but it is very non-pythonic. What would be the best way get support for
OIFITS into the AstroPy framework? Should I write something from scratch
using astropy.io.fits (I've already written a new C++ library on top of
CCFITS, which addresses several inconvenient CFITSIO access methods) or
integrate a SWIG/CLANG wrapper over the existing C-based OIFITSLIB?

Second, our image reconstruction methods produce FITS images that are a
few milliarcseconds across (our highest formal angular resolution is
~0.3 mas, but we reconstruct with pixels that are ~10x smaller), but do
not have any good coordinate information. All we know with confidence is
the size of a pixel (we define it); North is up, and East is to the
left. What information should we store within the images to make their
use within AstroPy/APLpy easier?

Kind regards,
Brian Kloppenborg
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