[AstroPy] astropy in Debian, Scientific Linux?

Sergio Pascual sergio.pasra@gmail....
Sun Apr 7 16:50:22 CDT 2013


the past year we had a discussion about SOFA, an IAU library astropy
depends on, see the details here:

In short:

 * The Fedora legal team reviewed the SOFA license and they considered it
 * I wrote the SOFA board asking for a license change, they did not
answered my request
 * SOFA and (any program depending on it) *astropy* cannot be included in
Fedora or EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) with the current SOFA
 * astropy could be included by *removing* SOFA and the modules depending
on it (astropy.time ?)
 * somebody could package SOFA and astropy in rpmfusion.org, which provides
non-free/free-with-legal-problems packages for Fedora and EPEL
 * or in a different Fedora repository that provides
 * I think the situation in Debian is different

Not having precompiled packages available in Fedora/EPEL is very bad for
astropy in my opinion. From a small sample of 20
Professors-Postdocs-Students in my Astrophysics Department, I can say that
only those doing software development use "pip". The vast majority use
"yum" in Fedora or "fink/macports" in Mac to bring in the package and
continue doing Science.

Regards, Sergio

2013/4/7 Leo Singer <lsinger@caltech.edu>

> Hello,
> I would like to use Astropy on Debian and Scientific Linux. My experiment
> is pretty strict about using packaged software. Are there are there any
> plans to create .debs or .rpms for Astropy?
> I know how to create packages for both platforms, so I could help, but I
> don't (yet) know much about how the Debian and Scientific Linux/Red
> Hat/Fedora communities work, so I would not yet know where or how to submit
> them.
> Best,
> Leo Singer
> Graduate Student @ LIGO-Caltech
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