[AstroPy] LaTeX packages for Units

Michael Droettboom mdroe@stsci....
Wed Apr 10 07:54:58 CDT 2013

The use of `\second` was ultimately considered a bug (as it doesn't 
exist without additional non standard packages).  It was fixed in 
https://github.com/astropy/astropy/pull/892 which should be in the 
latest 0.2.1 release.  We intend to keep the symbol set to the standard 
ones -- not only does this make the LaTeX installation easier, but it 
keeps it compatible with mathjax used in the IPython notebook.  As part 
of that bugfix, we are now testing the generated LaTeX symbols as part 
of the doc build (which run in an environment without extra math 
packages), so we should catch this kind of thing sooner in the future.


On 04/09/2013 07:14 PM, Alexander Rudy wrote:
> Hey AstroPy,
> What packages (feel free to point me to the right page in the docs if I missed this) should I be using to get all of the units commands to show up correctly when I use astropy.units?
> Specifically, when I use astropy.units.arcsec, I get $\second$. The only package I get when I google that command is "mathabx"[^1], which doesn't seem to be in TeXLive…
> I'd be happy to throw together some basic documentation for the project on LaTeX symbols if it doesn't already exist (I don't see it in my github clone…)
> ~ Alex
> [1]: http://milde.users.sourceforge.net/LUCR/Math/mathpackages/mathabx-symbols.pdf
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