[AstroPy] astropy in Debian, Scientific Linux?

Derek Homeier derek@astro.physik.uni-goettingen...
Fri Apr 12 14:56:29 CDT 2013

Hi Leo,

On 12.04.2013, at 8:06PM, Leo Singer <lsinger@caltech.edu> wrote:

> Are you saying that fink is somehow creating .debs? Where are you developing your Debian packaging? I could take a look at it.
yes, fink is using .debs and dpkg and apt-get to manage them, but with everything sitting below the
Fink packaging manager that takes care of downloading and building packages from source, so
it's rather transparent to the normal user. I don't know how the .info files to build the package relate
to the way they are built in Debian, but the main build and install steps, I hope, should be well enough
understandable from the package description, attached below.
I've made some crude attempts to fix the .pyc problem, but no solution so far works satisfactorily.

Thanks for any advice,


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