[AstroPy] astropy in Debian, Scientific Linux?

Sergio Pascual sergio.pasra@gmail....
Sun Apr 14 18:04:47 CDT 2013

In my opinion the best idea is to create a petition. It seems my mail
wasn't very effective

2013/4/8 Tom Aldcroft <aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard.edu>

> Sergio,
> I wonder if it might be worth trying again with SOFA.  Things are a
> little different now since at this point there are real users that are
> unable to use our (and their) software because of their license.  This
> is very frustrating.
> I wonder if we could organize a petition in support of modifying the
> SOFA license to something more consistent with typical community
> standards.  I mean the IAU is supposed to be representing and
> benefiting astronomers, no?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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