[AstroPy] SOFA license letter (draft)

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud@gmail....
Sat Apr 20 15:47:53 CDT 2013

> I _may_ become the newest member of the SOFA board very soon...  I was
> in contact with one of the current members as well as the Chair over the
> past week and mentioned several times problems with the license.
> If I do become a member, fixing the license (probably requesting that
> they simply make it BSD or maybe LGPL?) will be one of the first things
> that I pound on.
> I really like the idea of astropy using SOFA under the hood if at all
> possible...

I for one certainly wish you the best of luck!

Note else there is a time pressure of sorts, because if this doesn't
happen for (say) a year, we probably will have already re-implemented
what we need from it.  So after that, we probably wouldn't end up
using it anyway.


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