[AstroPy] Status of Specutils?

Kelle Cruz kellecruz@gmail....
Mon Jun 17 15:56:59 CDT 2013

Hi Astropy peeps,

I'm planning on having my summer students work on analysis of spectra.
Pretty basic stuff like measuring equivalent widths and spectral indices
(aka, ratios)…things that IRAF SPLOT does interactively. What's the status
of the specutils package? Can we volunteer to be beta testers? Or should we
be contributing code somewhere? Last summer we tried to use Sherpa, and
that was a disaster (sorry Sherpa people who might be on this list).

thanks for any updates or advice.

kelle, in constant pursuit of avoiding re-inventing the wheel

Kelle Cruz, PhD — http://kellecruz.com/
917.725.1334 — Hunter: x16486 — AMNH: x3404
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