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Hi Emil,

That looks very nice!  I don't see Pandas as a big issue in terms of
dependencies.  I don't know that much about traits, etc.  My thought about
the gui was just based on my experience with matplotlib, and the fact that
it is widely used -- though I would agree that too many dependencies can be
a deterrent to people using something.  Are you offering your code as a
starting point for the project?  It strikes me that many have gotten some
sort of fitting package to a point of personal usability but no one has the
time/interest/motivation to make a more generally usable package.


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> I have been working on a fitting GUI for a while, although it is made
> with a specific task in mind.
> However, it is not based on Matplotlib but on Traits/Traitsui/Chaco and
> Pandas. It is made for a specific projhect I'm working and as such not
> yet usable for more general cases, but it could be a starting point, if
> the dependencies don't conflict with astropy politics.
> Especially, I am happy about the choice of Pandas for managing a quite
> complex data structure (the fitted and/or guessed values of an arbitrary
> number of transitions for an arbitrary number of rows or collapsed rows
> of a spatially resolved spectrum) of a), but also with the Traits-based
> interactive interface to build complex line profiles from single
> gaussians, good for fitting-by-eye and giving good initial guesses for
> fitting of complex line profiles. It hooks directly up to a wrapper I've
> made for lmfit, but given the modularity, it should be relatively easy
> to change to other backends.
> It's still a work-in-progress, but there are some screenshots here:
> http://flic.kr/s/aHsjGaEMGg .
> I know the choice and number of dependencies may be prohibitive but it
> saved a lot of work on the GUI, and Pandas means the difference between
> sanity and madness when it comes to keeping track of so many parameters.
> Cheers,
> Emil

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