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Pandas is a part of the newly-defined SciPy stack, after all, so that 
would be part of any science-oriented distribution worth its salt. In 
fact, I think it could be a good idea for astropy in general to use 
under the hood, but again, could clash with the philosophy of the 
project and possibly also maintainabillity.

As for offering my code or just my experience, I'll have to square it 
with my supervisor first, and I also think it depends on what direction 
the project in question will take. I'm positive about the idea (which is 
why I wrote in the first place), but supervisor might think it is a 
better idea to actually get my paper in the project wrapped up before 
sending the code out there. Will get back about that one!


On 2013-06-18 20:53, Slavin, Jonathan wrote:
> Hi Emil,
> That looks very nice!  I don't see Pandas as a big issue in terms of 
> dependencies.  I don't know that much about traits, etc.  My thought 
> about the gui was just based on my experience with matplotlib, and the 
> fact that it is widely used -- though I would agree that too many 
> dependencies can be a deterrent to people using something.  Are you 
> offering your code as a starting point for the project?  It strikes me 
> that many have gotten some sort of fitting package to a point of 
> personal usability but no one has the time/interest/motivation to make 
> a more generally usable package.
> Jon
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>     I have been working on a fitting GUI for a while, although it is made
>     with a specific task in mind.
>     However, it is not based on Matplotlib but on
>     Traits/Traitsui/Chaco and
>     Pandas. It is made for a specific projhect I'm working and as such not
>     yet usable for more general cases, but it could be a starting
>     point, if
>     the dependencies don't conflict with astropy politics.
>     Especially, I am happy about the choice of Pandas for managing a quite
>     complex data structure (the fitted and/or guessed values of an
>     arbitrary
>     number of transitions for an arbitrary number of rows or collapsed
>     rows
>     of a spatially resolved spectrum) of a), but also with the
>     Traits-based
>     interactive interface to build complex line profiles from single
>     gaussians, good for fitting-by-eye and giving good initial guesses for
>     fitting of complex line profiles. It hooks directly up to a
>     wrapper I've
>     made for lmfit, but given the modularity, it should be relatively easy
>     to change to other backends.
>     It's still a work-in-progress, but there are some screenshots here:
>     http://flic.kr/s/aHsjGaEMGg .
>     I know the choice and number of dependencies may be prohibitive but it
>     saved a lot of work on the GUI, and Pandas means the difference
>     between
>     sanity and madness when it comes to keeping track of so many
>     parameters.
>     Cheers,
>     Emil
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