[AstroPy] ESA Summer of Code in Space 2013

Adam Ginsburg keflavich@gmail....
Wed Jun 19 15:32:31 CDT 2013

Emil and Jon - there is a package that fits exactly those requirements, 
called pyspeckit:

One of my major goals over the next year is to incorporate it into astropy 
bit by bit, i.e. make it work with astropy.models, astropy.units, and 
specutils.  Only a little progress in that direction has been made (in part 
because my coding efforts have been focused more on astroquery).

Emil - there is a scipy-dependent voigt profile implemented in pyspeckit. 
 You can check that it agrees with yours:

I'm bringing this up on this particular thread because I had considered 
submitting pyspeckit as a SOCIS project, but I think focusing on specutils 
instead will be better for the community.  Nonetheless, there are some 
specific project ideas in place that may help support the case for a 
student working on specutils via SOCIS:

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