[AstroPy] ESA Summer of Code in Space 2013

Paul Kuin npkuin@gmail....
Wed Jun 19 16:12:20 CDT 2013

Just a brief comment. At first sight it looks like a good start.

However, how do you deal with bad data/ Suppose I flag a part of the
spectrum as bad. Is your formalism capable of handling that?

It would be nice if there were s spectral library that could be used to fit
to. For example a stellar one (Pickles) and a galaxies one (forgot the

Similarly, if you have models for a Star+disk, or binary, that would be
nice to have to fit to.

When measuring lines, it would be nice to have line ratios of (effectively)
optically thin lines from the same upper level to work with. That is useful
both for seeing if the line identification is good and estimating optical
depth effects.

But so far, this is the best I've seen pythonic wise. (and that may just be
because I don't know much)....

Paul Kuin

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 9:32 PM, Adam Ginsburg <keflavich@gmail.com> wrote:

> Emil and Jon - there is a package that fits exactly those requirements,
> called pyspeckit:
> pyspeckit.bitbucket.org
> One of my major goals over the next year is to incorporate it into astropy
> bit by bit, i.e. make it work with astropy.models, astropy.units, and
> specutils.  Only a little progress in that direction has been made (in part
> because my coding efforts have been focused more on astroquery).
> Emil - there is a scipy-dependent voigt profile implemented in pyspeckit.
>  You can check that it agrees with yours:
> http://pyspeckit.bitbucket.org/html/sphinx/models.html#pyspeckit.spectrum.models.inherited_voigtfitter.voigt
> I'm bringing this up on this particular thread because I had considered
> submitting pyspeckit as a SOCIS project, but I think focusing on specutils
> instead will be better for the community.  Nonetheless, there are some
> specific project ideas in place that may help support the case for a
> student working on specutils via SOCIS:
> pyspeckit.bitbucket.org/html/sphinx/projects.html
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