[AstroPy] mollweide projection plotting (celestial sphere in Galactic coord)?

Slavin, Jonathan jslavin@cfa.harvard....
Thu Jun 20 08:17:17 CDT 2013

Hi Guillaume,

This code makes a nice plot, though the longitude is backward as compared
with a normal sky map (i.e. longitude generally runs right-to-left).  A
couple little things you might want to know.  Numpy has a pi value, so you
don't need to import math -- just use numpy.pi.  Are you familiar with this
trick:for reversing arrays:  y = y[::-1]?  Also instead of x =
np.zeros(len(y)) you can do x = np.zeros_like(y).  Just thought I'd pass
these along.


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> Hi,
> Thanks a lot. I was able to do what I wanted using matplotlib. Here is the
> code, and below the corresponding figure, if someone is interested.
> Guillaume Blanc

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