[AstroPy] Doodle poll for Astropy Coordination Meeting

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud@gmail....
Thu Jun 20 08:28:44 CDT 2013

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, there have been coordination meetings the last
two years (at the CfA and STScI) to discuss progress and future plans for
the Astropy project. These meetings were crucial in helping organize
the initial stages and direction for the project.

Since then, Astropy has grown significantly and there are a number of quite
different subpackages, each with somewhat different items to address and
consider. This has prompted discussion in the coordinating committee that
we might consider holding in-person coordination meetings less often (every
2nd year perhaps?).  Instead, we might start scheduling regular google
hangouts to deal with items that might otherwise have been targeted for the
coordination meeting.

Or, we might continue the yearly schedule, but focus the coordination
meetings on coding sprints, rather than planning discussions.  E.g., a day
or half-day of progress overviews, followed by 1 or 2 days of sprinting to
focus on specific issues that are better addressed in-person. (Perhaps we
can even dabble in pair coding.)

So to help in making such a decision, I have created a doodle poll at


This poll contains a number of potential dates this fall for the
coordination meeting.  The Yale Astronomy department is willing to host
such an event for this year (host=provide a space and pay for coffee and
lunch), so it will most likely be in New Haven, CT, USA.  *If* you would be
interested in attending such a meeting this year, please add your name to
the poll and indicate which dates you are available.

Please aim to respond by July 4 (2 weeks).  If at that point enough people
express interest that it seems worthwhile to hold a meeting, we will
schedule a time based on the responses.  If not, we will skip the meeting
this year, and instead hold one in the fall of 2014.  (And if anyone has
ideas for other approaches to coordination meetings, of course feel free to
respond to this post.)


Erik T
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