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Thu Jun 20 15:01:20 CDT 2013

I agree with the statement that we should very much separate the computation from the GUI. However GUIs are important tools for analysis and we should have at least a little bit of an idea what to recommend for affiliated packages. One of the projects in this SOCIS application is calling for a GUI and I think if we get a student on this, it would be interesting to get him to do a review of what's out there and maybe help us choose one or at least give us a better feel for the possibilities (I think the browser is the future, but I also don't quite know how to utilize that yet). 


On 2013-06-20, at 3:51 PM, Chris Beaumont <beaumont@hawaii.edu> wrote:

> I'm more optimistic about GUIs than Adrian (who I bet is reading this email with a GUI!), but agree that computation and presentation logic should have sharp boundaries between them -- it makes developing both much cleaner.
> Another option to consider is to what extent astropy GUIs can revolve around javascript and the IPython notebook. Installation is much easier, and this is the python workflow of the future. Unfortunately, matplotlib in the notebook is still mostly non-interactive, but I have to think the MPL people are working on this (another reason to delay interface design!)
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